Our Story

Naked Sunday

Naked Sunday is all about stripping away all the pressures that society places on you, that you should be working a certain job, living a certain lifestyle, always telling you to grow up and act your age, F**k that for a joke, be true to yourself, live everyday with love, laughter and do whatever makes you happy and chase your dreams.

We embrace peoples diversity and individuality, we encourage passionate creative minds to reach your full potential and we give you the freedom to express your own unique style, think outside the box and dare to be different!

I’ve always had this burning passion and deep love for all things fashion since I was a young boy, I was heavily influenced by the California surf/skate culture, equally I’ve always been fascinated with the opposing New York hip hop underground movement, with a strong homage to the 90’s grunge scene and retro vibes.

Having previously lived at the beautiful Bondi Beach, the ocean will always be my spiritual home and my favourite place on earth, I now reside in Richmond Melbourne, filled with such an eclectic taste in art, fashion, live music and graffiti filled laneways, I gain motivation and inspiration everyday walking the cold paved streets of the city.
I’ve experienced the best of both worlds and I’ve made a conscious effort to combine my love for the beach and my adoration of urban living into creating Naked Sunday for you guys to embrace and enjoy.

We are so proud to be supporting local businesses in our quest to bring you the best quality apparel we can, our screen printers & embroiders are Melbourne based, along with our super talented graphic designer.
We are all about giving back to this magical land, including all the hard working people that inhabit our great country. We respect and love you all so deeply, and vow to keep it Australian made and produced.

Our promise is to always provide supreme quality threads, versatile pieces of clothing for your wardrobe that can be styled in a number of different ways, fashion forward creations whilst still providing you with essential staple garments for everyday use.

Strap yourselves in...buckle up, and hold on tight, because we are embarking on one hell of a crazy ride, we are travelling places fast, and we want you guys joining us in the front seat for this crazy adventure we call life.

“Don’t pursue happiness-create it”

Naked Sunday